Please explore our website to learn more about the work we do to alleviate poverty and build community capacity and women’s leadership in neighbourhoods across the North of England.

If you would like to support our work by making a donation there are three areas of our work that you can select from:

Savings groups

If you would like to donate directly to one or more of the savings groups in our network please click on one of the savings groups featured on our home page and use the contact details provided to make contact with the group directly.

The savings network

If you would like to donate to support the networking activities of the savings movement please click here [link coming soon]

Savings groups network together with other community associations forming neighbourhood-based networks and also at the city / city-regional / and national level. Networking costs include: travel expenses for community leaders to visit each other for peer support, mentoring and learning exchanges; ICT equipment and related communications and software; venue hire and catering costs for city-wide and borough-wide exchange gatherings;  technical consultancy fees for providing support to neighbourhood networks developing local projects or participating in planning processes; we also have a sessional worker fund for experienced savings group leaders to provide support to newly established groups or run learning exchanges and talks outside their own neighbourhood.


If you would like to donate to CLASS please click here [link coming soon]

CLASS provides capacity building and strategic support to savings groups affiliated to the savings movement, and their associated neighbourhood and city-wide networks. CLASS is led by the priorities of the member groups in the savings movement through quarterly network meetings and a range of accountability mechanisms which bring savings groups leaders together with CLASS staff, volunteers and Trustees to agree, monitor and review our collective strategy and progress. Donations to CLASS will be invested in staff salary costs, essential overheads, or essential reserves for sustainability. We strive to keep our team and our overheads small and channel resources to groups and to the network as far as possible.