Community Led Action and Savings Support (CLASS) is a small registered charity which provides professional support to savings groups affiliated to Greater Manchester Savers and their associated networks. We also support affiliated savings groups in other towns and cities as these emerge through community exchange and mobilisation.

CLASS is committed to supporting and facilitating community-led processes. We work hard to protect this principle of community leadership. CLASS also encourages and supports women to take on leadership positions within savings groups and in their communities.

We support savings groups to network together and with other groups locally, nationally, and internationally, through community exchanges and dialogues, to share ideas and strategies for reducing urban poverty and inequality. We respond to the expressed interests and needs of the groups and their networks and attempt to develop professional and technical partnerships where these can support communities to realise their goals, including with academics and university departments. We continue to learn from the experiences and practices of SDI affiliates across the world and their long histories of community federation partnership with professional support agencies.

Policies and procedures

Please contact us using the email address below if you would like a copy of any of our policies and procedures including Complaints; Safeguarding; Health and Safety for COVID-19; and Data Protection.


Registered charity number: 1188480

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